Investment Management Services

At Pay Expert, we employ a team of most experienced and expert investment managers in Cyprus, who provide each of their investor the best options to invest their funds in. We help you get the best possible returns at low risks, so that you get all the investment solutions well-tailored according to your needs and at your reach. Contact us today and start working with the best Cypriot fund investment, and administration firm.

Fund management

Fund management service is provided by Evalanch Ltd a Seychelles regulated broker, regulated by FSA with regulation number SD082.Fund management  includes portfolio management services and varies from investor to investor. Funds are never accumulate between investors. Each investor is investing his money separately from other investors. Each investor holds his own money into his own personal trading account. Evalanch Ltd only provide fund management of your investment on your behalf. Evalanch’s portfolio consists from many different investments tailored to each investor’s needs.

Evalanch Ltd invest your funds in Trading of forex pairs, Gold, Equity Indices with returns of up to 20% per year. Evalanch’s fund management service provides investors with trading account opening in a well repute and regulated broker. Evalanch’s fund management will execute all orders on your behalf, and control all risks involve in trading. Fund management service is charging 25% on profits only, no other hidden fees. Evalanch’s advanced tools and technics will not allow any drawdown in your investment.


10% with potentials of up to 20% per year in profits

You are in control of your money

Exit fund management service with one click. Withdraw your funds with one click. No advance warning needs. No drawdown accepted. Example; if you deposit 50,000 euro with our fund management and your investment, for any reason, will become 49,999 euro, you have full right to click and withdraw all your funds at once.

Long Term Investment


Our renewable energy project is another secure investment. We offer to our investors, turnkey solutions, including obtaining a license from local authorities for the construction of solar parks, oversee the project until is finalize and running and maintaining the solar park activity.

Income on this investment is guarantee by the Government electricity department. Minimum initial capital is 50.000 euro. Exit time after 10years, with a prior notification of 1 year. All solar parks are constructed on our private own land in Cyprus. We do not charge any management fees. Income is paid once a year, starting from the end of the first year of operation. Operation may start 4-6 months after the initial capital deposited. Investment in solar parks is a secure investment for long term investors seeking secure income and peace of mind.


Fixed income 3% per year.

Investment is on the name of the company holding of the solar park license. You are shareholder of  % portion of the total investment with full voting rights in the company. ( example: total park investment 200,000 euro, your investment is 50,000 euro, you shareholding portion is 25%)

Exit investment after 10years or renew on a year to year basis after the 10 years.